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Specialised Courier Services


Postex Couriers specialises in a number of services pertaining to the submission and receipt of applications to OFFICIAL Departments and Societies including: Governmental, Health, Law, Police, Education and Travel. Transportation of certificates and secure handling of sensitive and confidential documentation is what we do. We have experienced staff to advise and help you with any procedures required.
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Police Clearance Certificates Application Delivery

South African Police Service Clearance Certificates: We collect your SAPS clearance application form, from anywhere in South Africa or abroad and submit it on your behalf at the SAPS Clearance Department in Pretoria.
As soon as your application is processed we will deliver your certificate to your door.

The processing time at the Police Clearance Dept. takes appoximately 10 - 15 working days.
Courier transport time will then take between 24hrs - 72hrs dependant on your South African location.
Clients abroad Courier transport time will then take between 5-7 working days.

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